Garden Calendar



  • Keep off frosty or water logged lawns.

Flower Border:

  • Dead head winter flowering Pansies.
  • Choose flower and vegetable seeds.
  • Examine Dahlia tubers and Chrysanthemum stores for mould.
  • Hard prune tough deciduous hedges such as Hawthorn and Privet.
  • Firm shrubs that may have been loosened by the wind and remove any dead or diseased shoots.
  • Prune Wisteria sinensis. This will encourage it to produce flowers rather than too much leaf.  Cut back side shoots to about 3-4 inches while the plant is dormant.
  • Cut back late flowering Clematis.

Vegetable Patch:

  • Cover an area of the plot with fleece, cloches or plastic to help warm up the soil and dry up the surface.
  • Dig Parsnips and Leeks.
  • Dig over the vegetable patch if it has not already been done.
  • Choose seed Potatoes, Onions and Shallots.

Fruit Garden

  • Feed trees and bushes.
  • Continue winter pruning.