The Enchanted Grotto at Squire’s Shepperton

Event date: 19th November 2016

Welcome to the Enchanted Grotto, where you will hear the never-before-told story of the ancient enchanted forest.

Meet our Elves and the Enchanted Snowman who will take you on an interactive adventure to meet the guardian of the forest: Spruce Bruce. He will tell the tale of how the forest came to be enchanted and of the magical creatures that live there. we will need all of your help to join in with the story… and when you’ve learned the secrets of the forest, you’ll meet its jolliest inhabitant!

The Enchanted Grotto experience takes approximately 15 minutes, followed by a visit to Santa where children will receive an early Christmas present.


£9 per child which includes a wrapped gift

£3 per adult.

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