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The first real gardening
month of the year is here and sowing, planting and pruning are the words of the

Plant onion sets and shallots and, towards the end of the
month, early varieties of seed potatoes which have previously been put in a
cool light position to chit (sprout). All sorts of hardy plants, trees, shrubs
and climbers can be plated now.

Sow hardy annuals outside towards the end of the month
and half hardy annuals in the greenhouse or on a window sill.  Broccoli,
cabbage, kale, parsnips and radishes can be sown outside under cloches.

Prune: Most roses, including large flowered hybrid teas,
cluster flowered floribundas and climbers (that you have to train and tie in)
can be pruned in March and then given a good feed. Avoid pruning ramblers (with
a lax habit) and shrub roses as they flower on the previous year’s wood so if
you prune them in sping you will loose most of the flowers this year. Prune
them after flowering.

A little lawn care can be
commenced giving the lawn its first cut of the year with the mower blades at
their highest setting, rake the lawn to get rid of winter debris and aerate
badly drained areas with a hollow tined fork or aerator

Mulching around your plants
will help keep the soil moist and weed free

I hope you have the
opportunity to get outside and enjoy some early spring days in the garden


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