July 2020 - Squire's Garden Centres

Sarah’s Monthly Snippets

Gardening advice and monthly tips from our Chairman, Sarah Squire.

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August Gardening Tips

Enjoy the warm summer days in your garden this month, there are just a few easy tasks for when you are pottering around… Continue to water and feed hanging baskets and containers. Deadhead faded flowers of perennials and annuals to encourage new blooms. Trim lavender bushes once they have finished flowering. Take cuttings of tender […]

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A close up of English Lavender in flower

July Gardening Tips

With long mid-summer evenings and many plants blooming, July is a month to really enjoy your garden. Though, there are always tasks to keep us busy and these are a few to be done this month: Water plants and hanging baskets every day, ideally in the cool of the morning or evening, and feed once […]

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 posts


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