Social Responsibility - Squire's Garden Centres

Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible and environmentally concerned business. We actively seek to increase our energy and water efficiency, reduce wastage, source ethically, promote sustainable gardening and support the communities in which we are situated.



  • We will continue to promote organic and peat free composts
  • We do not stock moss peat and we do not recommend peat as a soil conditioner. In its place we recommend products such as Country Natural which is composted stable manure.
  • In addition to our peat free ranges, for gardeners looking to reduce the peat they use, we stock compost containing 50% less peat than standard compost for all plants, including ericaceous plants


Garden Products

  • We will offer organic alternatives in all categories of chemicals and fertilisers where they are available and where we are confident that they produce good results.
  • We promote mulching, composting, water conservation and other sustainable gardening methods



  • We promote wildlife friendly plants, hedging and plants for birds, bees and butterflies. These will be easily identifiable for customers thanks to our new labelling system
  • We have discussions with our suppliers aimed at reducing the amount of peat in the compost mixes they use
  • We promote British and locally grown plants in order to reduce plant miles
  • 80% of plants purchased are sourced from UK nurseries with our key suppliers within 60 miles, many are much closer
  • We aim to monitor and manage water use at our garden centres and nurseries through our new metering system
  • We have a rainwater supplied irrigation tank at our Woking centre which is topped up with water from the building roof and used to water our plants
  • We have introduced a new ‘Flood Tray’ irrigation system in many of centres; this uses less water than conventional overhead irrigation systems and it promotes healthier root growth in the plants
  • All our centres offer a place where customers can help themselves to free pots and trays
  • We are in discussions with our suppliers to find a sustainable solution that replaces the traditional plastic pot. Our aim is to move to a recycled and recyclable alternative


FSC Timber & Leisure Products

  • There are many certification schemes; we have certification paperwork for all our ranges, of which at least 100% are FSC/TFT/FLEGT and SGS
  • Our wooden garden furniture is sourced from UK based suppliers with proof that all wooden products have been legally and sustainably harvested
  • We do not sell gas fired patio heaters


Café Bars

  • We aim to source locally produced food where possible
  • Our Cafe Bars offer healthy light snacks and low fat or fat free products
  • We offer paper straws and cups for drinking water
  • Takeaway sandwiches are wrapped in paper bags
  • We endeavor to cater for all food allergens and preferences
  • We offer both compostable takeaway cups and reusable cups



  • We hold discussions with our suppliers regarding alternatives to plastic plant pots for container-grown plants
  • We offer customers cardboard boxes as an alternative to plastic packaging.
  • Our plastic bags are biodegradable
  • Our scheme for recycling tin, paper, plastic bottles, shrink wrap and other clear plastics is being rolled out across our centres
  • We embraced the government legislation on single-use carrier bags in October 2015. All proceeds from our carrier bags are donated to the Greenfingers charity.
  • We are actively working with a new supplier, so we can offer customers a recycling service for plastic pots and trays


Supporting our local community

  • We are active supporters of our local communities. Each of our centres supports a chosen local charity, raising funds through charity events and our grotto’s


Waste & Recycling

Café Bars

  • Used fat is collected for recycling
  • Our take out packaging is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable
  • Glass bottles are recycled



  • Junk mail and non-sensitive paper waste is recycled. Shredded confidential paperwork is also recycled
  • Used electrical items are recycled in accordance with the WEEE
  • Print cartridges are recycled
  • Point of Sale is produced relative to the size of each centre to ensure that we do not print more than is necessary
  • Envelopes are reused where possible for internal use
  • From October 2019, electricity used in all our centres and offices is 100% renewable energy.


Wildlife & Gardening Education

  • We have created wildlife friendly display gardens at our West Horsley, Long Ditton and Hersham branches in conjunction with Surrey Wildlife Trust.
  • We have good links with many local schools and encourage initiatives to get children gardening
  • We also work with many local charities and other organisations
  • We have links with the Royal Horticultural Society, Kew Gardens, Surrey Wildlife Trust  and Historic Royal Palaces
  • We support many local Britain in Bloom initiatives including Richmond, Farnham, Hersham, Spelthorne and Rushmoor



  • We are always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption, with four of our centres using low energy lighting and four using air source heating.