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August Gardening Tips

I am writing this in a heatwave reminiscent of 1976, which I remember well as an 11 year old. I have yet to quite banish the sight of the late lamented John Noakes exhorting the water saving benefits of showers over baths in his swimming trunks in the Blue Peter studio – depends how long you are in the shower I think. Anyway chances are that by the time you receive these few words the heavens will have opened and it will be business as usual, soggy school summer holidays and a fearsome on shore breeze.

If the warm, dry weather continues, and provided we are spared a hosepipe ban, the best tip of all is to water in the early morning or late evening when the sun has gone down to avoid scorching your plants. I am already using spent washing up water on my ornamentals and have water butts strategically placed to catch rain water from the gutters as and when the gentle rain from heaven blesses the earth beneath once more.

So Here are just a few easy tasks for pottering in the garden this August;

  • Continue to water and feed hanging baskets & containers regularly.
  • Don’t forget to dead head faded flowers of perennials and annuals to encourage the production of new flowers.
  • Trim Lavender bushes once they have finished flowering. Do not cut down into the wood.
  • Take cuttings of tender perennials such as Pelargoniums, Fuchsias and Salvias.
  • Stop feeding Roses so as to discourage soft growth. Prune rambling and shrub Roses cutting only the old stems that flowered this year.
  • Sow Lettuce, spring Cabbage and winter Spinach.
  • Pinch out the tips of Runner Beans.
  • Take cuttings of woody herbs, e.g. Lavender, Rosemary and Sage.
  • Cut down Raspberry canes that have fruited and support new canes.
  • Plant Strawberry runners which have rooted.
  • Continue to feed Tomato plants.