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December Gardening Tips

Can it really be December already ? I know the answer to that because real Christmas trees have arrived. Perhaps we all need a blast of festive colour and joy more than ever at the moment. But if you prefer something more subtle or want to complement the glitz with a more natural look, there is simple pleasure in bringing living plants into the home at this time of year. Especially when enjoying the great outdoors is often limited to occasional sunlit interludes or a brisk walk

You won’t be surprised to learn that I am a fan of real Christmas trees. I love the scent and movement of a real tree. Always cut a piece off the stem before immersing the bottom of the stem in some water. You can keep your tree cool outside until you are ready to bring it inside to decorate. Keep your tree watered and away from a radiator or other heat source to prolong needle retention. The vast majority of our Christmas trees are grown in Scotland. We choose them because they are good quality and don’t have to travel as far as trees from the continent. Grown as a crop, more trees are consistently being planted on land which is usually unsuitable for other forms of farming or horticulture.

Whilst on the subject of bringing living plants into your home, I am always tempted by houseplants at this time of year. Flowering houseplants will add colour and drama. Poinsettias are the obvious Christmas choice.  They are tender and love a warm space. They hate draughts, so always make sure they are well wrapped up leaving the garden centre and do not leave them locked up in a cold car. Azaleas and Cyclamen prefer a cooler spot in the home. Alternatively, there are so many long- lasting foliage houseplants which will keep the colour palate fresh well into the New Year.

If I am asked for my ‘go to’ gift for a dinner party or drinks party host I usually plump for a basket of planted bulbs because I love the scent and my friends can plant the bulbs out in the garden when they have finished flowering. Or I might choose a Jasmin or Stephanotis, both of which are fragrant and carry pretty white flowers.

On behalf of all the Squire’s team may I wish you and your families a joyful and peaceful Christmas and all good things for 2022.