February Gardening Tips - Squires Garden Centres

February Gardening Tips

As I write this we are waiting for the promised snow and it is bitterly cold. So it is not that tempting to get out in the garden, even for the most hardcore gardening enthusiast. We shall brave it to top up the bird feeders and chip the ice off the bird bath, so our feathered friends have something to drink. However, the cold will pass and there is plenty to do in February in anticipation of spring when the garden will burst back into life.

Here are our plans this month I hope they spark a few ideas for you

  • We have a few remaining feet of  deciduous hedge to trim before nesting season.
  • We shall undoubtedly be tempted to buy some of the summer flowering bulbs that are now appearing in our garden centres, we always are. They promise so much and will deliver the heady scent of lilies and splash of colour of Dahlias and Gladioli.
  • Once the soil is a little drier we shall fork over the borders and incorporate our home made garden compost (we are rather addicted to composting) or some well -rotted manure. Of course, it is a bad idea to tread too much on frosty or waterlogged soil as it will compact. Therefore use boards if you need to do much work that involves standing on the soil or grass.
  • Our autumn fruiting raspberries are in  need of a chop back to a few inches above the soil and a mulch. We shall also be planting a few more summer fruiting varieties as we don’t have enough of those for a meaningful crop just yet.
  • We have some clumps of snowdrops to divide. This is the most certain way to bulk up on snow drops.
  • Choosing some seeds for edible and flowering plants is always fun and we shall stock up on compost an anticipation of planting.
  • We shall also be dusting off and cleaning our heated and unheated propagators. Cleaning is very important when re-using pots and trays to prevent the spread of pests and disease. We can then start to sow some seed which is always exciting.

Enjoy the anticipation of spring!