February Gardening Tips - Squires Garden Centres

February Gardening Tips

February is often the month that sees the garden spark into growth again. This means that our thoughts can turn to planting, pruning and propagating.


Provided the ground is not frozen then February is a good time to plant trees, shrubs and hardy perennials. You can be sure of some moisture in the soil, which makes it easier to dig the planting hole and less of a chore to keep the plant watered in the all- important first months as it establishes. Split clumps of snowdrops if they have become overcrowded. They are often easier to grow when planted ‘in the green’ than from bulbs.


Seed sowing is also one of this month’s more pleasurable tasks. Broad beans, carrots and parsnips can be sown under cloches, onions, peas, cabbage and leeks can be sown in a propagator and for tomatoes and bedding plants a heated propagator is required. Mulching borders works wonders for weed suppression and water retention. Later in the month you can even start to prune Hybrid Tea roses (single flower per stem) and floribunda roses (clusters of flowers on each stem). Do not prune rambling roses until after flowering as they flower on the previous year’s wood.