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Easy to Grow Plants

For a beautiful garden this Spring & Summer

If you’re new to gardening or don’t have much time to maintain your garden, here are some plants we’d recommend that will grow almost anywhere in most conditions and require little maintenance.

The plants can be planted in Spring and Summer (unless specified below) and will need watering regularly.

To get started prepare the soil by digging out with a fork to remove stones and weeds. Add a little compost, then use your trowel to prepare holes large enough to accommodate the plants you choose.

What will I need?

Garden fork and trowel

Selection of plants

Compost (such as John Innes No. 3)

Watering can or hose


Squire’s Suggestions

Centaurea Amethyst Dream

Robust compact cornflower, which makes it perfect for beds and borders. Superb for attracting bees and butterflies. Flowers all summer and comes up each year.


Robust plant in a variety of flower colours. Fantastic for attracting bees and butterflies into your garden. Flowers all summer and comes up each year.


Free flowering plants in a range of colours. Equally at home in pots and containers or at the front of a border. Many varieties have scented flowers. Flowers April – September and comes up each year

Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’

Classic ‘wallflower’ bearing non-stop mauve flowers from April through to Autumn. Best in a sunny spot. Flowers April-October. Will need replacing every 3-4 years


Water well during dry weather. Flowers are tubular shaped and come in a variety of colours, including pink, purple and yellow. Flowers all summer and comes up each year

Geranium (Bedding)

Grows well in borders or beds and prefers full sun. Requires moderate watering during the spring/summer season. Available in upright and trailing varieties. Flowers spring-summer and lasts for one season

Geranium (Hardy)

Survives in almost any conditions, and range from varieties that will grow 25cm to ones that can reach 1.5m. Flowers all summer and comes up each year.


Fast growing evergreen that can be planted at any time. Bushy shrub, which comes in different varieties and flowers in purples, pinks and white. Retains its leaves all year and flowers each summer.


Comes in many foliage colours and can be planted all year round. Every few years you will need to dig up, separate the strongest stems, discard the rest and then replant. Most varieties retain their foliage all year.


Keep well watered and fed until the plants are established. The plants will need to be pruned once a year, either in late summer once the plants have finished flowering, or in early spring before the new growths emerge. Use secateurs to remove flower stalks once they have finished flowering. Flowers May – August and comes up each year


Plant in spring for glorious colour. Great for attracting bees to your garden. Flowers all summer and comes up each year

Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’

A robust horizontal grower that provides good ground cover for beds and rockeries. Also useful for larger patio containers. Retains its foliage all year and flowers from June – September each year.