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July Gardening Tips

High summer is the perfect time to enjoy your garden during the long mid-summer evenings. So much is in flower now, helped and maybe held back a little, by a cool and rainy May and June. There is enough to do in the garden this month and even more to enjoy.

Here are a few ideas for your gardening to do list…

White and pale coloured flowers really come into their own in the twilight and give pin pricks of light against the greenery, so they are well worth planting around a barbeque or seating area.

It is a good idea to check pots and hanging baskets daily to see if they need watering. It is always best to water in the cool of the morning or evening rather than the heat of the day. Feed regularly, once a week or so, for best results.

I enjoy deadheading bedding plants and herbaceous perennials because it is a great way to de-stress and it encourages the plants to produce more flowers. In the case of some early flowering perennials especially Lupins and Delphiniums, cut their stems down by half and feed well to promote a second flush of flowers.

Trim back and feed roses that have finished their first flush of blooms. Prune any shrubs that flowered in the spring and early summer and have not yet been cut back.

In the vegetable patch there should be a lot of growth going on by now. You may even be harvesting potatoes. Tomatoes should start to fruit in July. Keep the plants well supported and remove side shoots regularly. Feed every week for a bumper crop. Never let grow bags dry out as it can be difficult to re-wet them thoroughly.

Remember to water runner beans regularly. In fact do keep on top of the watering of all vegetables and fruiting plants, unless the heavens are doing it for you.

Harvest courgettes before they grow too large and water onions and weed around them. Salad crops can continue to be sown outside for a succession of tasty and colourful leaves.