July 2019 Gardening Tips - Squires Garden Centres

July 2019 Gardening Tips

June seems to be leaving us on a warm note so, as we head into July, here are a few thoughts

Do take care to water pots and hanging baskets, ideally in the cool of the morning or evening rather than in direct sunlight which can result in scorch. Feed once a week to replace nutrients.

The grass will not grow so quickly if it is hot and dry, so there may be a little less mowing to do. When you do mow raise the blades as longer grass copes better with dry conditions.

It may be time to start harvesting  Blackcurrants, Strawberries and summer fruiting Raspberries which is a real joy

Tomatoes grown in the greenhouse may start fruiting. Keep the plants supported, regularly remove side shoots and feed. There is nothing like the scent of a freshly picked tomato to shout ‘summer’

In the vegetable patch continue to sow salad crops outside. Water onions and weed around them. Continue to harvest herbs to dry or to freeze. Trim trained fruit trees, e.g. cordons, espaliers and fans of unwanted shoots.

In the flower borders dead head the faded flowers of bedding plants and roses to encourage repeat flowering. Cut down stems of perennials that have already finished flowering by half, e.g. Lupins and Delphiniums, and they may give you a second flush of flowers.  Feed after cutting back. Tie in the young shoots of Dahlias.

Why not have a go at taking semi hard cuttings of shrubs such as Camellia, Ceanothus, Cistus, Potentilla and Viburnum. Take a healthy shoot and cut it off just above a node. Remove any side shoots and the lowest leaves. Trim the stem back to about 12 cm dip the bottom in some hormone rooting powder and plant in a small pot of gritty  compost. Keep the cutting moist and pot on as it gets bigger.

Above all enjoy the garden this month. What could be lovelier than a little bit of pottering about watering, deadheading snipping and feeding on wonderful long mid -summer evenings.