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June Gardening Tips

June is the most beautiful month in the garden. There is plenty to enjoy as your hard work over previous months all comes together. And there is also still plenty to keep you occupied…

  • Now that any danger of frost is gone, summer bedding plants can be planted out in borders, containers and hanging baskets. Water containers and baskets regularly, ideally once a day, and liquid feed them once a week.
  • June is a wonderful month for roses. Keep deadheading them to encourage more flowers and feed roses that have finished flowering – you may see a second flush later on.
  • Prune early flowering shrubs such as Deutzia, Philadelphus, Weigela, Kerria and flowering currants that have finished flowering. Cut them back to a healthy bud.
  • Clip evergreen hedges such as Box, Privett, Leyland cypress, Yew and Lonicera nitida.
  • Earth up potatoes when the foliage reaches approximately 6-9 inches in height.
  • Do not worry if apples start to drop small fruits. This is called June Drop and is a natural thinning process – often leaving a good crop of apples on the tree.
  • There is still time to feed the lawn or apply a feed week and moss killer if you have not already done so.