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December Gardening Tips

Ok, so it may not be a good idea to work on frosted soil or frosty or wet lawns. However, do not rule out December in the garden. After all, there are only so many festivities one can take (bah humbug) and a little fresh air, at any time of year, is a wonderful thing. So if you need a breather here are some ideas/excuses to get outside.

Dead head winter flowering Pansies.

Cut back Roses to prevent wind rock.

Put food out for the birds and make sure they have water.

Then with a clear conscience and a spring in your step you can get back into the festive mood by


protecting Holly bushes that are carrying berries so that you can use the branches for Christmas decorations.

Buying a real Christmas tree. Don’t forget to cut off an inch or so at the base and place the tree stand that has a water holder – as if it was a bunch of flowers. Avoid standing it in front of a radiator.

Some cheerful houseplants such as Cyclamen, Poinsettias and Azaleas brighten up the house at this dark time of year. Cyclamen and Azaleas like it cool. Poinsettias like it warm and hate draughts.

Above all I wish you, most sincerely, a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!