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May Gardening Tips

What a fabulous gardening spring we have enjoyed so far and, at the beginning of May, the best is yet to come!

With everything growing like mad it is a good idea to support taller perennials to prevent them bowing and snapping.

In my garden weeds have really started to appear, and we have been busy weeding the borders in order to nip the issue in the bud and save work later on. We find a long handled hoe invaluable and a real back saver.

The lawn is growing apace now. We are still mowing with the blades set reasonably high and gradually adjusting them for a lower cut as the month progresses. There is still  plenty of time to give the lawn a feed and weed treatment to really bring out its best over the summer months. We haven’t got around to this just yet – but it is on the list.

By about 10 May we should be frost free in our area until the autumn.  At last tender plants and vegetables can be left outside. I can’t wait to plant up summer containers, pots and hanging baskets. Use compost containing water storing granules and slow release fertiliser or add water storing gel and plant food. Harden off (acclimatising plants to the outdoors) summer bedding that has been grown under glass.  Start by placing them out during the day time only. They can be left out all the time once the danger of frost is over. Plant tender vegetables such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Aubergines, Peppers and Melons in grow bags. Sow Marrows and Courgettes, Runner Beans and Sweet Corn.

Early flowering shrubs, such as Kerria japonica and Forsythia and Ribes, that have finished flowering can be pruned now and given a tidy up. I always enjoy pruning, if I can find my trusty secateurs which seem to have a mind of their own and have even been found in the compost heap. I must be more careful, or keep them on my person at all times.

We have a few hardy shrubs in pots (a fig and some bays) which always look a little sad after the winter and denuded of nutrients. They could definitely do with a good feed and a mulch.

With plenty of plans for planting, pruning and generally getting out in the garden at every opportunity I am really looking forward to May. I hope you have an excellent month!