Brownies Make A Bee Line to Squire’s! - Squires Garden Centres

Brownies Make A Bee Line to Squire’s!

Brownies visit Squire’s in Reigate to learn the importance of bees and insects in gardens

The 3rd A Reigate Brownies recently visited Squire’s Garden Centre in Reigate to learn how to encourage bees and other insects into gardens.


The team at Squire’s stayed late so that the brownies could visit the garden centre, and showed them how to plant their own summer flowering pots using pollenating plants, so that they could take them back to their own gardens.


Squire’s plant experts explained that pollination is important because it leads to the production of fruits that we can eat, and seeds that will create more plants. The brownies had a choice of different plants, which included heathers, lobelia and alyssum.


Jane Garland and Angela Diggins, leaders of the brownie pack, also helped the girls plant up their pots, and ran a mini garden quiz, which will help the brownies achieve their ‘Summer Growing Up Wild’ badge. The evening was rounded off with refreshments and cupcakes.


Jane Garland commented: “Many thanks to Squire’s in Reigate for explaining in a practical way the importance of pollinating plants, and how to encourage insects, including bees, into our gardens creatively. The brownies really enjoyed their visit to Squire’s and they learnt so much.”