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Bulbs Will Light Up Local Park


Squire’s Garden Centre and Spelthorne Borough Council planting bulbs in Lower Haliford Park


Squire’s Garden Centre in Shepperton donated and helped plant over 1,200 daffodil bulbs with Spelthorne Borough Council to give spring colour to a local park.

On Monday 25th September a team from Squire’s and the council rolled up their sleeves and got busy digging and planting in Lower Haliford Park in Shepperton. A raised section of land that divides the park was chosen, as the daffodils will be very visible from the road when they appear in the springtime. A commemorative plaque was also planted so local residents can see where the bulbs will appear.

Sarah Squire, Squire’s Deputy Chairman said “We were very pleased to be able to donate and help plant daffodil bulbs in Lower Haliford Park, which is very close to Squire’s in Shepperton. Autumn is the time of year to plant spring flowering bulbs, I do hope these daffodils will bring a splash of colour and joy to the park and be enjoyed by lots of local people when they bloom each year  in springtime.”


Squire’s Top 5 Bulb Planting Tips

  1. Big, fat & firm – Choose bulbs that are firm to touch with onion-like skin.
  2. Dig deep – Plant bulbs three times the depth of the bulb’s height, and at least twice their width apart.
  3. Feed me – Add granular fertiliser to the holes to promote growth.
  4. Which way up? – Place your bulbs pointed end up.
  5. Group together – Plant bulbs in clusters of uneven numbers, or mix different bulb types together.


Plant daffodil bulbs now for a riot of colour in springtime