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Christmas Tree and Poinsettia Care Tips

This year many people have bought their Christmas tree early to bring some joy, light and a festive feeling into their homes. In fact, Squire’s Garden Centres saw a massive 41% increase in the sales of real Christmas trees in November compared to last year.

“We’ve noticed that people want to bring Christmas cheer to their homes as soon as possible this year, and there is no better way to do that than with the festive scent of a real Christmas tree,” commented Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire’s Garden Centres.

So, what’s the best way to keep your tree looking full and festive right the way through to January? And how should you care for the gorgeous poinsettia that so many of us have in our homes in December?

Top Christmas Tree Care Tips

  • When you get your tree home, unwrap it and stand it in the garden in a bucket of water, this keeps it fresh and allow the branches to settle.
  • For cut trees: make a fresh cut across the base before bringing it inside.
  • Use a special stand with a reservoir to hold water, and top this up on a daily basis.
  • Position your tree away from radiators or other heat sources.
  • Trees labelled ‘pot grown’ can be planted in the garden after Christmas. Or simply keep it in its pot outside and bring it indoors again next Christmas.
  • Recycle your cut tree after Christmas.

Perfect Poinsettias

  • Poinsettias are delicate, so buy a ‘locally-grown’ one so that hasn’t had far to travel.
  • Be careful taking your poinsettia home, the cold temperature can damage foliage.
  • They require a draught-free position with a minimum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.
  • Position it in a bright location away from direct sunlight.
  • When the surface of the compost has begun to dry out, use room temperature water to keep it hydrated.

If you’re still looking for your perfect Christmas tree, or a festive Poinsettia to brighten up your home, then pop into Squire’s Garden Centres or browse some of their range online. Local delivery is available too.