Christmas trees are slimming down! - Squires Garden Centres

Christmas trees are slimming down!

Left: Careful pruning while growing produces the ‘Slim Shape’ tree

Right: The fun of choosing a Christmas tree


The latest trend in real Christmas trees is a special slim version, which is perfect for smaller living rooms. Recent innovations have culminated in the ‘Slim Shape’ tree, which is particularly well suited to modern, compact rooms.

“These trees are carefully pruned while growing so that the final tree you buy is narrower, but still dense, full and nicely branched.” explained specialist tree grower Christopher Hood. “The result is a beautiful space-saving tree which is ideal for smaller homes.”

This year Squire’s Garden Centres expect the ‘Slim Shape’ Nordmann Fir to be very popular, as customers have been increasingly searching for trees that are not too wide for their homes.

Squire’s Chairman Sarah Squire added, “It’s easy to choose your perfect Christmas tree at Squire’s as they are all displayed by size and type. We also give customers expert care advice, free netting, a free carry to car service, and home delivery is available too. Or if you’re after an artificial tree then we have a huge selection to choose from, including pre-lit, snowy and slim options.


Real Trees – Top Tips

  • When you get home, unwrap your tree and stand it in the garden to allow the branches to settle.
  • Treat your real tree like a cut flower. Trim a few inches off the stem, display it in a water-holding stand and top it up daily.
  • Position your tree away from radiators and other heat sources.
  • ‘Pot Grown’ trees can be planted in the garden after Christmas.
  • Recycle your cut tree after Christmas