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Christmas Trees: Real or Fake It?

The nation’s divided when it comes to choosing a real or artificial Christmas tree


Brexit is not the only question dividing the nation. Another conundrum is whether to buy a real or artificial Christmas tree this year.

A recent survey by Squire’s Garden Centres showed that 47% of people will choose a real Christmas tree this year, while 53% prefer an artificial tree. Which camp are you in?


Keep it real

There’s nothing quite like the scent of a real Christmas tree. Plus if you buy yours from Squire’s you’ll be supporting British growers, as the vast majority of their trees come from the UK, predominantly from the North of Scotland. Squire’s expert grower Charlie Hood from Needlefresh said, “It has been warmer then some years up here, but the occasional rainfall has suited the trees. They are looking better than ever, with healthy growth and a great colour. What makes our trees so special is the speed in which they are cut and transported, keeping them as fresh as possible”

Sarah Squire, Squire’s Deputy Chairman added, “Our beautiful real trees are the result of 10 years hard work from our expert team of Needlefresh growers, and we only select the best trees fresh from the forest. At Squire’s you can walk around the trees to make sure that you select the perfect specimen. We also give you expert care advice, free netting, a free carry to car service, and home delivery is available too.

Squire’s are so confident that their real trees will look great at Christmas that they even have a Christmas tree guarantee! If you’re not happy with the quality of your real Christmas tree then they will replace it free of charge (excludes Norway Spruce).

Potted Christmas Trees are available to buy now at Squire’s Garden Centres, and you can buy cut trees from 23rd November onwards.

Real Christmas Tree Care Tips from Squire’s

  • When you get home, unwrap your tree and stand it in the garden to allow the branches to settle.
  • Make a fresh cut across the base before bringing it inside.
  • Use a special stand with a reservoir to hold water.
  • Water your tree or top up the reservoir on a daily basis.
  • Position your tree away from radiators and other heat sources.
  • ‘Pot Grown’ trees can be planted in the garden after Christmas.
  • Recycle your cut tree after Christmas



Real Christmas Trees are on their way to Squire’s                                     The fun of choosing a Christmas tree

Fake it

There are so many different styles of artificial trees to choose from now, and they are looking more realistic than ever. Whether you are after a luxurious rich green fir, or a frosty tipped pine, a top quality artificial tree will last for many years, so it’s a great investment, plus there are no needles to hoover up! For quick and easy assembly look for a tree that has hinged rather than hook-in branches. A pre-lit tree is another hassle-free time saver and looks beautiful too.


Snowy Dorchester (225cm, pre-lit with 600 lights), £299.99 at Squire’s