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Feel Like You’re Five Again!


33% of adults have run through a sprinkler in the last year


A survey by Squire’s Garden Centres has found that 72% of people spend more than 3 hours gardening each week, which is great for health and well-being.

However, getting out in the garden is not just about serious horticulture, 84% of people surveyed have ‘played’ in the garden in the last year, by doing handstands, cartwheels, used a hula hoop or even run through a sprinkler just for fun! The statistics are even more interesting when you consider that the majority of respondents (85%) were aged fifty plus.

  • 33% have run through a sprinkler
  • 23% have done yoga, pilates, or used a fit ball in the garden
  • 21% have been on a swing or slide
  • 16% have used a hula-hoop
  • 15% have jumped on a trampoline
  • 14% have skipped in the garden
  • 7% have done a handstand or cartwheel

So get out in the garden – tend the plants, but try a childhood activity that will make you feel like you are five again, it’s fun and free!