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Get Houseplant Happy!

With the days getting darker, houseplants are a fantastic way to bring colour and greenery indoors over the winter months. As well as being decorative, houseplants have many other benefits too. They can improve the air quality, add humidity to a room (making the air less dry and dusty which can irritate your airways), and numerous studies have found a connection between indoor plants and mental health. Houseplants are known to reduce stress and anxiety, prolong your attention span, boost self-esteem, and create feelings of positivity.

So whether you’re after cheerful colour, or want to add some greenery to your home, houseplants will enhance your happiness and make your home a brighter place to be!

6 of the best houseplants – available at Squire’s Garden Centres

  1. Phalaenopsis Orchid (from £9.99) – Squire’s no. 1 best seller, pink and white is most popular.
  2. Anthurium (from £7.99) – also called ‘Flamingo Flower’, it has bright red heart-shaped spathes.
  3. Cyclamen (from £2.99) – the dainty cyclamen is always popular and comes in many colours.
  4. Monstera (from £9.99) – also called ‘Swiss cheese plant’, it has huge, glossy, dark green leaves.
  5. Dracaena (from £4.99)- known as ‘Dragon tree’, it has elegant long, thin leaves with red edges.
  6. Calathea (from £11.99)- it has striking patterned leaves and comes in a variety of sizes.