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Get your lawn pitch perfect

Get your lawn ready for the World Cup at Squire’s Garden Centres


With the football World Cup fast approaching it’s time to get your lawn pitch perfect. Whether you’ll be playing football with the kids, or want a velvety carpet to flank your flowerbeds, or simply some grass for sunbathing in the summer, a lush lawn is easy to achieve. Your goal is to try these simple projects over the next few weeks to keep your lawn in premier condition.


Spring trim

If you haven’t already done so it’s time to get the mower out. Adjust the blades to their highest setting and then gradually reduce the height with subsequent mowings, as cutting grass too short at first can weaken it.


Fill the gaps

If bald patches have appeared in your lawn, repair them by digging over the soil with a hand fork to break up any compaction. Rake it to create a smooth surface and scatter Miracle Gro Patch Magic (from £8.99 at Squire’s Garden Centres) evenly on top, then water until dark brown.


Feed and weed

Apply a spring lawn fertiliser, such as Evergreen Complete (from £8.99 at Squire’s Garden Centres), which will give your grass a dose of essential nutrients to keep it looking good until autumn. Either feed your lawn just before rain is forecast or water it in. Evergreen Complete also contains a lawn herbicide, which kills dandelions, white clover, moss and other weeds.


Look sharp

Tidying up your lawn to create a crisp edge will give it an instant lift. Redefine the shape using a half-moon cutter. Also consider plastic or steel lawn edging for a razor-sharp outline.


Eco Pest Protection

Use nematodes to help your lawn thrive without the use of pesticides. Nematodes are tiny natural predators that eat the larvae of pests that damage lawns. Simply add water and a pouch of nematodes (available at Squire’s Garden Centres) to the spray bottle, apply to the lawn and watch your grass become healthier.

So don’t make any schoolboy errors. Look after your lawn and at the end of the day you’ll be over the moon with your hallowed turf!