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How to Green Up Your Front Garden


Welcome home to a greener front garden


Squire’s Garden Centres are on a mission to get people to green up their front gardens. We all know that plants are good for the environment and for encouraging wildlife, but a green space at the front of your house also welcomes you home and can be a real mood enhancer. Squire’s have some great tips on how to green up your front garden by thinking about space, boundaries, scale and making a statement at your front door.


What do you need from the space?

If you want to park your car think about the surface you require. Does it need to be tarmac or concrete? Sometimes block paving, gravel or a mesh through which the grass can grow is a more attractive solution and allows water to permeate rather than run off, thereby helping drainage in the area and refilling the ground water instead of the highway drains.


Think boundaries

Do you need that fence, or could you plant a hedge? A hedge is a home for wildlife and much more tactile and attractive. But if you need a fence then why not plant some climbers. Clematis, roses and honeysuckle will give you abundant flowers and in many cases a waft of delicious fragrance as you pass. For a shadier boundary, a climbing hydrangea may be more suitable. Or plant low maintenance shrubs such as Hebes or Choisya to provide permanence and structure, then you can have fun interplanting with bulbs, cottage garden plants and bedding for a splash of colour as co-ordinated or crazy as you like.



3Hebe ‘Marshmallow’

4Choisya ternate

Think scale

Choosing your plants is the best bit but do look out for height and spread. A monkey puzzle tree is for an arboretum not a front garden (unless you have a stately home) but a small flowering prunus or a compact maple could be just the thing.


Prunus ‘Kanzan’

Make a statement at your front door

A couple of well chosen containers with some permanent planting such as some clipped bay trees, box, or olive trees will add sophistication. In addition, you can plant around your feature plants with seasonal bedding, or add further containers or a hanging basket or two, to ring the changes and alter your look according to your mood or time of year.


So by making a few simple changes you can green up your front garden in no time at all. To get you started why not book a place on Squire’s Seasonal Planting Masterclass on Friday 19th May and you can create your very own bespoke “Large Summer Hanging Basket” for the front garden. The masterclass takes place at 10am and 2pm and costs just £25, which includes tuition, the container, compost, plants, tea or coffee and cake, plus 10% off all plants purchased on the day. Call your local Squire’s garden centre to book (excludes Chertsey)