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Houseplants for Christmas Cheer

Festive cyclamen will add colour to your home

Bring Christmas cheer to your home this winter by adding colourful flowering houseplants. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as the song goes, but you can warm up your home with the vibrant colours and gorgeous scents of houseplants that will help beat the winter blues. Houseplants also make great gifts, and will last for many months, enhancing your happiness and making your home a brighter place to be.

Best Houseplants for Christmas Cheer

  • Poinsettia (from £4.99) – Red is the most popular colour, but pink, white and glitter varieties are all selling well this year.
  • Citrus Plants (prices vary dependent on size) – Grow your own oranges, lemons or limes! Indoor citrus trees have shiny dark green leaves and fragrant blossom.
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid (from £9.99) – Squire’s no. 1 best-selling houseplant, pink and white is most popular.
  • Anthurium (from £7.99) – Also called the ‘Flamingo Flower’, it has bright red heart-shaped spathes.
  • Cyclamen (from £2.99) – The dainty cyclamen comes in many colours, including festive red and white.
  • Hyacinth (from £2.99) – Comes in numerous colours and has an amazing scent. After flowering, all indoor hyacinths can be planted in the garden where they will flower the following spring

Many houseplants at Squire’s Garden Centres are locally grown, which supports local producers, and also means that the plants don’t have far to travel, keeping them in the freshest condition. Squire’s festive Poinsettia are grown at a nursery in Hersham in Surrey, not far from their garden centres. Poinsettias really don’t like the cold – it’s the cold that makes them drop their leaves – so the fact that they are only on the move for a short amount of time means that the Poinsettia you’ll find at Squire’s are kept in perfect condition.

So add some houseplants to your home this winter, or give them as a gift, and you’ll help spread Christmas cheer!