Meet the Artist: Mouth and Foot Painting Demo - Squires Garden Centres

Meet the Artist: Mouth and Foot Painting Demo


Following International Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Day on 5th September and to raise awareness of this unique art form, Squire’s Garden Centre in Washington has commissioned an event on Saturday 21 September, 10.00am with mouth painter Bazza West.


The event offers a rare opportunity to meet the artist, learn about his working process and watch in close up the intricate skills required by the artist to create his mouth-painting masterpieces.


After losing the use of his arms and legs in a car crash at the age of 19, mouth painter Bazza began painting by mouth and has never looked back since. Using a specially constructed easel that allows him to reach it with a paintbrush in his mouth, Bazza now specialises in delicately daubed landscapes and works inspired by the scenery of his home county of East Sussex.


One of only 33 recognised mouth and foot painting artists in the UK and one of 800 across the globe, Bazza has been a part of the MFPA since 2013. He has since exhibited his work across the country.


This event forms part of a series of one-off events taking place throughout September. Tickets are FREE and can booked through


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