Sensory Plant Workshop at Squire's in Cobham - Squires Garden Centres

Sensory Plant Workshop at Squire’s in Cobham


Sensory plant workshop at Squire’s in Cobham for Sight for Surrey


Squire’s Garden Centre in Cobham organised a special sensory plant workshop on 17th May for the charity Sight for Surrey, who help people with severe sight or hearing difficulties.

Each member of the group planted up a terracotta pot that had a raised design on the outside to give it a textural feel. The Plant Manager at Squire’s, Sandy Cooley-Brown, carefully considered what plants a deaf or blind person would benefit from. Plants were chosen that had a variety of different textures and beautiful fragrances to excite the senses. A wide selection were chosen, including Petunias for their textured semi-sticky leaves, and Nemesia for its gorgeous vanilla scent.

Sight for Surrey is a charity that provides practical support, advice and services to anyone in Surrey who is deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired.