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Squire’s Employees Really Make A Difference

Winners of Squire’s 2018 ‘Made A Difference’ scheme,

with Colin Squire OBE (front left) and Sarah Squire (2nd right)


Each month Squire’s Garden Centres reward their employees for making a difference. Team members are nominated by their peers or by customers and one (or a group) is selected by a panel for making a difference to the business – whether that is coming up with a great idea, offering outstanding customer service, going over and above normal duties, or thinking of an initiative that has grown or inspired the business.

The 2018 winners of Squire’s ‘Made A Difference’ scheme each received a gift and were recently thanked with a special lunch served by the Management Team at Squire’s in Badshot Lea at which the overall winner for the past year was announced.

Martin Relf, Nursery Manager at Squire’s in West Horsley was selected due to his dedication and hard work in ensuring that Squire’s annual plant show is always such a success.

Sarah Squire, Chairman at Squire’s commented; “Martin Relf was chosen as the overall winner of our ‘Made A Difference’ scheme as he always goes above and beyond the call of duty. He ensures that our plant show in West Horsley runs smoothly by clearing all the space in the large glasshouse, arranging delivery times with suppliers, and helping them set up on the day. He has come in on his day off and comes in extra early to make sure that everything goes to plan. He does an amazing job, not just for the centre, but he also gives professional and efficient service to our suppliers, who always comment on how well the day is run and how welcoming Squire’s are. All of our 2018 winners are great ambassadors for the company and I’d like to thank them for their commitment, hard work and enthusiasm.”

2018 Winners of Squire’s ‘Made A Difference’ Scheme                               

January: Ricky Bowness (Milford)

February: Andrew Hall (Twickenham)

March: Martin Relf – OVERALL WINNER (West Horsley)

April: Chris Carpenter (Milford)

May: Ben Woodhouse (West Horsley)

June: James Parsons (Shepperton)

July: John Mills (Long Ditton) & Dawn Milton (Milford)

August: Chertsey Café Bar Team (Chertsey)

September: Donna Carpenter (Group Office)

October: Stephanie Cole (Long Ditton)

November: Adam Eaton & Dane Pullen (Badshot Lea)

December: Susie Jones & Nickola Watkins (Hersham), Andrew Cavaghan (Hersham) & Ian Webb (Badshot Lea)


Martin Relf (centre) was the overall winner of Squire’s 2018 ‘Made A Difference’ scheme

L-R: Colin Squire OBE, Martin Relf and Sarah Squire

Back Row L-R: Ian Webb, Adam Eaton, Chris Carpenter, Dane Pullen, James Parsons, John Mills, Suzie Jones, Ricky Bowness, Ben Woolhouse, Andrew Cavaghan

Front Row L-R: Colin Squire OBE, Donna Carpenter, Shaunie James, Stephanie Cole, Martin Relf, Nickola Watkins, Sarah Squire, Dawn Milton