Squire’s to donate thousands of bulbs to local parks in new ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign - Squires Garden Centres

Squire’s to donate thousands of bulbs to local parks in new ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign

Buy bulbs for your garden now and local parks will benefit too


Do you love where you live? Squire’s Garden Centres certainly do, so they are working with local councils to make our parks and green spaces even more attractive, by donating thousands of daffodil bulbs in their “Love Where You Live” campaign.

Throughout September, for every pack of bulbs (of any variety) that customers buy, Squire’s will donate 10 daffodil bulbs to local councils, hospitals and community gardens. Squire’s hope that they will be able to donate around 150,000 daffodil bulbs!

Sarah Squire, deputy chairman at Squire’s commented, “We feel very much part of the local communities in which our garden centres are located and we are very grateful for the support our family business receives from local people. We wanted to give something back to say thank you. Autumn is the perfect time to plant bulbs. They need that winter chill in the ground before they break dormancy and begin growing. We are very excited to contribute to filling our local parks and open spaces with beautiful yellow daffodils come the springtime.”

So head to Squire’s now to buy your bulbs, and your local community will benefit too.


Top Bulb Planting Tips

  • Big, fat & firm – Choose bulbs that are firm to touch with onion-like skin.
  • Dig deep – Plant bulbs three times the depth of the bulb’s height, and at least twice their width apart.
  • Feed me – Add granular fertiliser to the holes to promote growth.
  • Which way up? – Place your bulbs pointed end up.
  • Group together – Plant bulbs in clusters of uneven numbers, or mix different bulb types together.