Stunning new plants at Squire’s - Squires Garden Centres

Stunning new plants at Squire’s

White Passion Flower ‘Snow Queen’


Squire’s Garden Centres have some stunning new plant varieties that have been bred and introduced to give your garden the wow factor this year. New varieties often mean plants of a higher quality, with more flowers, in more colours, and with better disease resistance.

And with the trend towards smaller and more compact plants, patterned foliage, and the increasing popularity of shrubs to provide structure in the garden, some exciting new plants not to miss include:

  • Hebe ‘Joan Mac’ – a shrub with glossy dark foliage and bright pink flowers.
  • Raspberry ‘Little Red Princess’ – a compact thornless raspberry plant, perfect to grow in a pot.
  • Hosta ‘Cathedral Windows’ – thrives in a pot and has large colourful leaves.
  • Iberis ‘Snow Surfer’ – an evergreen plant with masses of small white flowers.
  • Pieris ‘Polar Passion’ – an evergreen shrub with pink-red flowers.
  • White Passion Flower ‘Snow Queen’ – a stunning climber with elegant white flowers.
  • Polemonium ‘Kaleidescope’ – tall blue flowers to brighten up a shady corner.


Hebe ‘Joan Mac’

This beautiful compact plant has gorgeous glossy dark foliage all year round. The contrasting bright pink flowers create a lovely display in summer, attracting bees to your garden. Ideal for pots or borders, it thrives in full sun or partial shade in well-drained soil. 2 Litre pot £10.99


‘Little Black Prince’ blackberries and ‘Little Red Princess’ raspberries

Both these super berry plants are thornless and easy to grow in a large pot. Leave a 5cm gap between pot rim and compost for watering, and place in full sunlight. Plants give continuous sweet fruits from June to October. 2 Litre pot £10.99


Hosta ‘Cathedral Windows’ and ‘Autumn Frost’

With large colourful leaves from spring to summer these plants will thrive in pots in shade. 1.5 Litre pot £8.99


Iberis ‘Snow Surfer’

This evergreen spring blooming features masses of small white flowers and dark green foliage. It’s a low maintenance plant that provides excellent ground cover. 2 Litre pot £9.99


Pieris japonica ‘Polar Passion’

A showpiece evergreen shrub for the garden that carries pendulous pink-red flowers that appear in the spring. It’s easy to maintain requiring minimal pruning, and is ideal for growing in pots using ericaceous compost. 2 Litre pot £12.99


White Passion Flower ‘Snow Queen’

Pack more interest into your garden with this stunning climber. The stems require trellis or wire to help it climb, but you will be rewarded with elegant white flowers. Price from £9.99


Jacobs Ladder Polemonium ‘Kaleidescope’

This plant has pink-tinged ferny leaves and tall spikes of blue flowers that burst through in summer, great to brighten up a shady corner. 2 Litre pot £9.99