Warm Up to Gardening - Squires Garden Centres

Warm Up to Gardening


Squire’s encourage people to warm up before gardening

L-R: Tom Harris, Mark Felton, Tim Bell & Maggie Philpot


In a recent survey of over 1,600 people by Squire’s Garden Centres, 81% of people questioned said that they never stretch or warm-up before gardening.

Squire’s employees have taken this to heart, and some now start the day with exercises using spades and forks to help with their stretching! So make your gardening workout even better by having a 5-10 minute warm up and stretch first to help avoid aches and pains afterwards.

Sarah Squire, Deputy Chairman at Squire’s commented, “A massive 93% of people we questioned in our survey said that gardening helps keep them fit and healthy, but as with any exercise it’s important to warm up first. Gardening is a great way to achieve a low impact workout, full of movement and stretching but without the strain on the joints of pounding the streets. Plus best of all it’s free!”