November Gardening Tips - Squires Garden Centres

November Gardening Tips

This is a great month to really enjoy the firework colours of Acers, Cotinus and Liquidambar (the name speaks for itself) and the bright fruits of Holly, Sorbus and Crab Apple.

I am not sure it could have been any wetter in October. But, looking on the bright side, provided we do not experience a cold spell and the ground freezes then planting trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials can continue.

There is still time to divide perennials and plant tulips too and to move established plants if they are in the wrong spot. Dig out the plant with as large a root ball as you can manage for replanting in a prepared planting hole deeper and wider than the root ball. You can also take hardwood cuttings and take cuttings of roses which root surprisingly easily.

My lawn has kept on growing in the mild damp conditions. Early November should be the time to give it the final cut of the year, ensuring the mower blades are at their highest setting.

This is also the traditional time for giving the vegetable patch a good dig and adding well- rotted organic matter, such as homemade compost or composted stable manure.

So, whether you want to dig heartily or just enjoy the fantastic colours of autumn, I hope you find time this month to get into the great outdoors.