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September Gardening Tips

September still feels like the start of something new, just as much as January 1st , probably because it is the start of the academic year. Of course, in the garden the autumn is very much a time for new beginnings, when all sorts of plants set seed for regeneration.

The autumn is definitely the best time to plant. The soil is still warm but also damp, which helps plants establish really well, better than those planted in the spring to my mind. So although the nights are drawing in I think of this as a really great season, full of hope and promise. Of course there is a little tidying up to do in the garden but there is also so much fun to be had, looking forward not back.


The planting list is simply  bursting with possibilities –

  • Spring flowering bulbs are now in stock. Buy early for the best choice, chose large bulbs for better flowers. Daffodil and Narcissi bulbs can be planted in September and bulbs potted up for indoor flowering.
  • Begin autumn planting of shrubs, trees and hardy plants.
  • Plant out Carnations and Pinks and pinch out growing tips.
  • Plant evergreens to fill gaps in your borders
  • Plant roses, trees, climbers & shrubs
  • Plant violas, cyclamen and pansies asters and chrysanthemums for great autumn colour, when planting autumn containers use a loam based compost such as John Innes to retail moisture and nutrients, but prevent water logging
  • Add even more colour with berry bearing shrubs such as pyracantha and contoneaster
  • Plant grasses now to give great height, texture and movement to your garden
  • Plant fruit trees and bushes
  • New lawns can be sown or turf laid and worn areas can be re-sown.


For a spot of garden housekeeping –

  • Dead head perennials. If desired cut down dead stems or leave over winter for an architectural look.
  • Dead head roses and tie in new shoots on climbers.
  • Water Dahlias when necessary and support.
  • Mulch beds to retain moisture, prevent weeds and protect plant roots
  • Set the blades of the mower to a medium height.

Enjoy a wonderful gardening month