Wasps Away


The Wasps Away from STV is a great way to detract wasps. This is a no mess and chemicals product and there are no dead wasps to clear up. It works by tricking the wasps into the thinkin that the territory in that area has been already been claimed. The Wasp Away provides a radius of up to 10m of a wasp free zone. So that it is effective, the Wasp Away needs to be hung in a clear, open space in plain sight. Hang it anyway you would like to eat or drink outside. Start using from the beggining of the year to detract wasps all year round.
  • Wasps assume territory has already been claimed
  • Provides up to 10m radius of wasp free zone
  • Must be hung in plain sight
  • Display anywhere you eat or drink outside i.e table umbrella, tree, eaves, play areas
  • Start hanging in early spring to deter wasps all year round
  • Natural and effective wasp repellent


Only: £9.99