Foxwatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent


Site the fox repeller facing the area you want to keep clear of foxes i.e. lawns, flower beds, pet enclosures and wheelie bins and when the passive infra-red sensor detects movement or the foxes body heat, it emits a unique ultrasonic alarm (which is inaudible to humans) to repel foxes. The longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is. No effect on garden wildlife - most animals like ourselves cannot hear the Foxwatch alarm, this includes birds, frogs, hedgehogs and rabbits. The Foxwatch will repel foxes up to 18m away and will protect a total area of 125 sqms. Foxwatch is simple and easy to install anywhere in the garden as it comes complete with spike. It is powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery (not supplied - it will typically last for 3 months) or a 12v main adaptor (Foxwatch is 30% more powerful when run off the mains, so it recommended that it is run from an adaptor where power is available). Made in the UK with a 2 year warranty.
  • Only animal deterrent tested and approved by the RSPB
  • Infrared detector monitoring
  • Fan shape covers 100 degrees to a distance of 12 metres giving a coverage of 125 sqm
  • On detection emits a burst of ultra sound only detectable by Foxes & Dogs


Only: £49.99