Mini Meadow Wild Flower Seed 500ml


The ‘mini meadow’ seed mix has been selected with species that will flower over a long season, thus we are increasing the availability of nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies, moths and other invertebrate all year round which is crucial for their long-term survival.
The mix contains flowers and plants found in lowland meadow habitat which is particularly species-rich with a wide range of plants and grasses being found within a small patch, often including rare and declining species, consequently they are a significant resource of biodiversity. The abundance of insect life associated with lowland meadows also attracts rare horseshoe bats and many declining farmland birds, including skylark that feed themselves or their young on the insects. Birds of prey then feed on mice and voles hidden in grassland.
  • Encourages wildlife to the garden
  • Mixed meadow flowers
  • Create a habitat for rare wildlife species


Only: £6.99