Hebe Summer Drinks Collection


The Hebe Summer Drinks Collection is a wonderful collection of hebes including Hebe Pink Fizz, a busy pink flowered fuzz of beauty, the Hebe Sangria Sensation, a purpled flowers and dark stemmed hebe, a pefect addition to your garden, the Hebe White Spritza, as pictured, this Hebe has a bright collection of bright white flowers and Hebe Champagne Ice, a sophisticated colour pattern with bold white but with that slight touch of pink. Hebes enjoy a bright sunny position with some shade and a well drained compost. These hebes can grow to a potential height of 0.6 metres with a spread of 0.6 metres.
  • Stunning summer drinks collection
  • A variety of colour available
  • Potential height 0.6 metres
  • Potential spread 0.6 metres

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