Furniture Carry Bag


Excellent, high quality furniture bag. This Furniture Carry Bag is large enough to hold any of the Quest Elite products and has been designed to allow 2 comfort (or recliner) chairs to be placed inside the same bag. A more detailed fitting guide is shown below. The bag not only makes it easier to store your furniture, but also to carry it. The straps are long enough to be flung over your shoulder to make it easier to carry the bag and furniture. Due to the large size of the bag it is universal in use, durable and hard wearing. It has extra long double zips. Firstly the double zips mean that the bag can be opened or closed by two sizes at the same time making it easier to fit bulkier items in. The extra length means that the zips go further down the sides of the bag allowing you to open the bag up wider, in turn making it easier to fit bulkier items in. The inside of the bag is coated to make it easier to clean and maintain which helps you keep your furniture cleaner for longer.
  • Helps protect your furniture
  • Makes it easier to store and carry your furniture
  • Universal use
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Extra long zip opening
  • Double zips
  • Can hold multiple items
  • Showerproof
  • Size: 120cm x 70cm x 22cm
  • Easy clean inner
  • Showerproof
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