Acer Palmatum Sumi-nagashi 14 Litre


Acer Palmatum Sumi-nagashi has a stunning show of deep rouges and purples with the leaf system turning a bright red in the autumn before they fall off. This Acer has a bushy and dense habit and can be grown in open ground as well as a pot. Prefers an acid or neutral soil providing it is free draining but moist. Dark stems are left when the leaf system falls which can help lift lighter tones in your garden. This Acer will grow in full sun or partial shade providing its sheltered. The potential height of this Acer is 3.65m and the potential spread is 3.65m over 20 years growth.
  • 14 Litre pot
  • Amazing colour
  • Deciduous shrub
  • All year interest
  • Palm shaped leaves
  • Potential height 3.65m
  • Potential spread 3.65m
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