Tillandsia Anita


Tillandsia foliage is narrow and pointy, and amongst it grows an assortment of shapes. The colours can range from magenta with indigo, bright orange or red, purple with pink. What we often think of as flowers are actually the bracts. The flowers themselves are very small. Although Tillandsia looks like a delicate exotic, it’s actually a strong, easy houseplant which can keep looking beautiful for up to 6 months with little effort. Most Tillandsias have few or no roots, and get water and nutrients from the air through scales on their leaves. You can suspend them or attach them to a shelf without pot or soil.
  • Tillandsia likes a light spot, but not in full sun
  • If the air indoors is very dry, Tillandsia loves being misted with a plant spray
  • Plant food once every three weeks will keep it flowering beautifully

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