Hardy Fuchsia 3 Litre


This beautiful range of Hardy Fuchsias consist of the bright and colourful Fuchsia Alice Hoffman, the bold bi coloured Fuchsia Delta Sarah, a pink and mauve Fuchsia Genii, the delicate pink and white Fuchsia Lady Thumb, the brilliant pink and purple Fuchsia Mrs Popple and the stunning Fuchsia Sunray. These Hardy Fuchsias are available in a 3 litre pot size and enjoy both a sunny and part shade position and a well drained compost. These Fuchias can grow to a potential height of 0.5 metres and a potential spread of 0.5 metres.
  • 3 Litre pot size
  • Striking range of hardy fuchsias
  • Beautiful colours
  • Potential height 0.5 metres
  • Potential spread 0.5 metres

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