Phormiums 4.5 Litre


Phormiums have very distinctive but brilliant coloured leaves, each variety unique in it's own way. Most Phormiums will have a bi-coloured leave which change through the months and some have a single colour which proudly flows down to the tip of the leaf. This range consists of the following varieties: Platts Black, Pink Stripe, Jester, Yellow Wave and Golden Wray. Phormiums enjoy growing in a sunny position and in a well drained compost. Phormiums can grow to a potential height of 2 metre with a potential spread of 3 metres.
  • 4.5 Litre pot
  • Variety unique colours
  • Potential height 2 metres
  • Potential spread 3 metres


Multibuy: 2 for £20

Only: £14.99