Koi 3-4 inches


Koi are a very distinctive breed of large ornamental fish native to China and Japan and are associated with good luck. In Japan koi are often passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Koi can recognise the person that feeds them and they can be trained to eat from their hand. Koi enjoy company of other koi and can live to be 100 years old or longer. Female koi are more social and playful than males though both have great personalities. During the winter, koi become dormant and remain at the bottom of the pond where the water temperature is the warmest. Koi thrive in a stable environment. Large temperature fluctuations can easily happen in a shallow pond, so the pond itself should be at least a metre deep. Koi can grow very large, commonly up to three feet long, with some species reaching up to four feet or more, so you should ensure that your pond is of a reasonable size. Having a good quality pond pump for circulation and a filter to remove mess and toxins are essential to keeping healthy koi. It’s important not to overstock your pond, and as a general rule, there should be ten gallons of water for every inch of fish within it. Plants can provide shade, as koi can become sunburned, especially if water is too shallow. A good, high quality complete koi food is considered to be the easiest and most successful way to feed your fish. Koi should only be given as much food as they can eat in a couple of minutes, twice a day. Giving them more than the recommended amount of food can pollute the pond water.
  • Associated with good luck
  • Social and have great personalities
  • Koi can live to be 100 years old or more
  • Provide a pond at least 1 metre deep
  • Koi can reach up to 4 feet or more, so a suitable sized pond is needed
  • Good quality pump and filter is vital
  • Do not overstock your pond
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