A Guide to Raised Flower Beds - Squire's Garden Centres

A Guide to Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds in a garden placed on decking
Raised wooden beds forming part of a vegetable garden constructed from wood and filled with various plants and herbs
A raised bed constructed from bricks and filled with colourful flowers
Wooden raised beds made from sleepers and filled densely with numerous lovely plants and flowers
Six rectangular wooden sleeper raised beds with different varieties of plants and flowers in each
Rows of rectangular wooden raised beds with a path or channel in between to walk amongst them, plants like lavender overhang and spill out of some of them
Raised beds need to be strong to take the pressure and weight of the soil once filled
Measuring what size of raised bed you need and what materials are to be used is crucial
A brick raised bed in the shape of a decagon filled with lovely colourful flowers
Raised beds lend themselves well to vegetable and fruit growing
Raised beds are a great way to grow plants with specific requirements such as ericaceous or lime-hating plants
Raised beds can create a different kind of garden and offer options with landscaping, also removing the restrictions of local soil type or conditions


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