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Pets & Aquatics

Our new Koi Carp and pond fish are now available!

Hand-selected for their quality, our fish have travelled all the way from Israel to give you best best selection. Now ready to buy after settling into their new surroundings; we place great emphasis on their health & wellbeing before, during, and post-arrival.

Come and visit our new arrivals at our centres in Badshot Lea, Stanmore, Twickenham, Washington and West Horsley.

Come and visit our extensive Pets & Aquatics departments where you will find everything you might need for your pet.

We house a selection of small furry animals as well as an eye-catching array of reptiles such as bearded dragons and snakes.

If you are a beginner our staff can help you choose your perfect pet, as well as setting you up with all the food and equipment you will need to care for them.

Not forgetting our four-legged friends, we have a large choice of dog and cat accessories and food.

We also have a range of pet care leaflets for you to take away, or you can download, located in the right hand column of this page.

(Cobham no longer have a Pets & Aquatics centre)


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