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Squire’s Gender Pay

Squire’s is a family owned group of Garden Centres and we are proud to offer fair, equitable pay to all our employees regardless of gender. We are also proud that our % gender pay gap measured by hourly rate is significantly better than the national average for both median and mean hourly pay.

What is the difference between Equal pay and Gender Pay Gap?

Equal pay for the same work or work of equal value is a longstanding principle which we are absolutely committed to upholding throughout our business. We pay our employees equally and apply fairness in all areas of our pay structure, not just gender pay; for example, we pay our apprentices the full rate of pay rather than the Government’s suggested apprentice rate.

Equal pay is different from the gender pay gap which compares the average earnings of men and women within a Company. This difference is expressed as the percentage difference between men’s and women’s hourly pay. In effect it seeks to measure the effect of the ‘glass ceiling’, because it reflects how many women are employed at senior levels (with higher remuneration) within an organisation compared to the number of males.

At Board level, two of the seven directors are female. Women are also well represented in department head and other senior roles at our Group Office including in our HR, marketing, finance, facilities and buying functions. Of our fifteen garden centre managers three are female, including the manager of one of our two largest turnover garden centres.

We still recognise that there is more to be done to close the gap and we are not complacent in this.

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