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Gardening Videos

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Follow our step-by-step guide to creating your very own herb garden. Enjoy fresh homegrown herbs in no time!

5 Brilliant Border Fillers

5 wonderful plants sure to add life and vibrancy to your garden borders.

How To Create an Outdoor Planted Container

Learn how to plant an outdoor container with beautiful plants.

How To Plant a Tree

Give your tree the best start in life and learn how to plant it right!

How To Grow Tomato Plants from Seed

Grow juicy fresh tomatoes with amazing flavour straight from your garden.

Houseplants – Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Discover 3 easy ways you can green up your home in small spaces.

4 Brilliant Border Fillers

Liven up your garden borders with these 4 stunning plant fillers, sure to transform your outdoor space.

How To Plan The Perfect Border

Create the perfect border in your garden this year by following our simple guide.

How To Plant a Patio Climbing Rose

Add structure, scent and beautiful colours to your garden by planting climbing roses in containers to form striking displays – follow our how to guide below.

How To Plant a Miniature Alpine Garden

Create a pretty display of easy-care alpines and succulents to enjoy their colours and textures throughout the year.


How To Plant a Colourful Hanging Basket 

Hanging baskets can really make a statement in your garden and give you loads of pleasure. Follow these simple steps to create your own hanging basket of beauty.


Create Sensational Containers

Create sensational containers by combining a striking centre piece along with small colourful plants edged with trailing plants.


6 Steps to Small Space Success

Where space is a problem, these simple design tricks will help you transform a small garden or neglected corner into an inviting retreat.

Quick Potted Plant

A small garden or outdoor space doesn’t have to limit your design or planting ambitions. This is a great way to make the most of your area.


Tasty Tomatoes

Tomatoes are surprisingly easy to care for, they can be grown in the smallest of gardens and will reward you with heavy crops of fresh, delicious fruits.


How to makeover your fence

Spruce up dull boundary fences and attract wildlife with a lick of paint and a planter packed full of flowers and foliage. Follow this step-by-step guide to add a creative cover-up to your garden.


Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn is key to creating the perfect lawn, it helps with drainage, rooting and better movement of air.


Create a Raised Bed

Create the perfect raised bed for flower, fruit or veg by following these simple steps.

Bulb Planting 

Autumn is natures time to plant bulbs for fabulous colour next spring, but how deep should you plant them?