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Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with Our Best of British Plants

This year, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. If you have been following and celebrating Her Majesty’s historic reign, then we have an idea for the garden you might like that comes with several benefits. A whole range of lovely plants and products – that you can select and plant from our fantastic native plant stock, make your garden wonderfully colourful, help pollinators and bring wildlife to your garden, and celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee at the same time. How, you ask? With our selection of red, white and blue flowering plants!


Petunias are lovely plants coming in a variety of pinks, reds, white, bluish-purple and yellow colours, and sizes, and are great for beds, pots, and hanging baskets. They will typically bloom with a mass of flowers throughout summer lasting well into the autumn and even winter depending on the ambient temperatures. Pollinators love them and their red and white varieties would be the perfect start if planting for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Petunia red and white

Calibrachoa (Mini Petunias)

Calibrachoa are a smaller variety of petunias, so they’ll be very similar in appearance but will be dwarf versions. They are also called Million Bells because of their dense flowering of dainty little flower heads. As they smaller petunias, they also come in the same variety of lovely colours. Again, great for beds, pots and hanging baskets.


Verbena are lovely tall plants that produce clusters of small purple to bluish-purple flowers throughout summer and into autumn. They are relatively easy-going plants due to their drought-resistance, and ability to grow well in average soils. However, look after them just a little and they’ll add impact and interest for a long time in the garden.

Red Geranium

If you want to add some bold red colour to the garden for the Jubilee, then red geraniums are the ones to go for. Their large, beautiful scarlet flowers have a lovely shape and vibrant colour, aided in standing out by their deep green foliage. They are fantastic for beds, borders, and containers. Red geraniums will also tolerate a degree of forgetfulness but will really benefit from a just a bit of care and in return reward you with plentiful red blooms. The bees will love them too.

Red geranium

Blue Lobelia

A compact plant producing dainty light-blue flowers on green foliage in the summer months. True blue flowers are a rarity in the gardening world, but this is a plant that has a true-blue flower! They are perfect for adding a burst of blue interest in the garden and a perfect choice of blue flower if planting for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Blue Lobelia


Anemones are plants that produce lovely and dainty cup shaped blue, pink, or white flowers. They are adaptable and share-tolerate, and can be grown in borders, around naturally taller trees and shrubs, on in containers. Be careful about planting in the ground, as they will generally spread out over a number of years and may affect other plants. Besides this consideration they are a wonderful choice for any gardener wishing to add colour, and their white variety would be a perfect selection if planting for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Red and white blue anemonies

Plant to Celebrate our Native Stock & The Queen’s Jubilee

With these wonderful selections of native British plants, you’ll be able to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in colourful style and simultaneously support our native biodiversity – expect a lot of pollinators and wildlife to start visiting. Moreso, you’ll also help to support British growers, as more than 80% of our plants are sourced right here at home. Remember, even if you are not following the Queen’s Jubilee you can still use these colourful choices to create impact and interest in the garden quite easily this spring and summer.

Red white and blue flowers


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