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Choose The Right Compost For You

Choosing the right compost means stronger, healthier plants and bigger, better harvests. And the good news is that we now have a larger than ever selection of peat-free and reduced-peat composts to suit every gardening task – from growing fruit and veg, to planting up containers and hanging baskets.

Multi-purpose Compost

We now have a wide selection of peat-free and reduced-peat multi-purpose composts in store, containing different peat replacement ingredients, such as green waste and coir. Peat-free and reduced peat multi-purpose composts are excellent all-rounders, with a balanced mix of nutrients and a light, open texture. Use these composts for filling seasonal containers, growing fruit and veg, potting on, and mulching borders.


Multi-purpose compost with John Innes

Composts that are labelled ‘John Innes’ contain some loam (soil) and a specific blend of nutrients. You can now buy peat-free versions which are ideal for veg, bedding, and shrubs permanently planted in containers.

Specialist compost

These composts are formulated to suit certain plant groups or specific gardening tasks, and many now contain much less peat than they used to. Examples include Alpine; Orchid; Bulb Growing; Rose, Tree & Shrub; and Tub & Basket.

Ericaceous compost

This type of specialist compost benefits acid-loving plants like azaleas, camellias and magnolias, as well as blueberries that are being grown in pots. The latest formulations use less peat than before, without compromising on results.

Seed & cutting compost

You can now buy reduced-peat and peat-free versions. These composts have a light, open texture and good drainage, so that seeds can germinate safely and plant cuttings can root successfully.

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