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Foxgloves are essential for that real cottage garden look. Some are perennial but they are usually grown as bi-annuals. They do not flower in the first year that they are grown from seed but come into their own in year two. Foxgloves are easily grown and they also self-seed very well, an example of buy one get lots free!

Foxgloves grow to 1.5 metres (5 ft.) which means they are very good for the back of borders. Tall plants have a place even in the smallest of gardens because they give structure, movement as they gently sway in the breeze for 3 dimensional look. Another good thing about Foxgloves is that they prefer a shady spot, preferably dappled shade and this means that they provide colour in what can sometimes be difficult areas. For the more impatient who cannot wait until the second year for the Foxgloves to flower, they are available container grown to flower in the first year after purchase. Whilst the traditional purple Foxglove is very pretty I like some of the

There are other Foxgloves that hardly look like they belong to the same family. Digitalis grandiflora flowers in late summer. This is an evergreen perennial some 30″ in height with a yellow flower. Digitalis ferruginea has orchid like gold blooms. Digitalis obscura is even stranger. It comes from Spain with orange flowers with a dark chocolate throat – Sangria on a stalk.


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